About the Exhibition

International Woman`s Day on March 8, 2014.

The exhibition includes displaying products of international brands along with famous fashion models and fashion designers. Banks will be approached to offer facilities to women to obtain commercial agencies. Please find attached a list of the outlets to be addressed to participate.

List of Invitation:

Invitations have sent to a large number of prominent female figures to come to the Sultanate to be introduced to our dear country.

  • Chancellor / Angela Merkel
  • Actress / Angelina Jolie
  • Media / Oprah Winfrey

Guinness World Records:

We sent an invitation to Guinness Book of World Records as we intend to achieve new three records.

The capital center of the international exhibition will provide three new records in this event..

Stay in touch

Address: Sultanate of Oman
Tell:       +968 24619033
  +968 24613933
FAX: +968 24619095
E-mail: Info@capitalcenterexpo.net

The program:

Day 1: 8/3/2014

11.00am: Inauguration and a tour in the exhibition

6.00pm: Launching the Biggest "Orsiya" Dish in the world, weighing 2 tons.

9.00: Omani Folklore Troupe Performance

9.30pm: Omani and Gulf Fashion Shows

List of Countries:
A Brief History

Under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, Oman advaned to new horizons. His majesty put the country on the path of progress in steady steps. Every Omani is right to be proud of the progress and prosperity achieved at all levels. The enlightened thinking of His Majesty the Sultan mingled with modern creativity and conserving our unique identity clearly contributed to draw the cultural renaissance over time.